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Deluxe Feeds is a full service feed mill offering separate lines for swine, beef, and dairy mixes. We carry a variety of unique products, and can custom blend any mix. We have become leaders in the agricultural industry for over 35 years.

Products and Services

  • Steam Flaked Corn
  • EnRG Flakes™ soybeans
  • Swine & Dairy Mixes

Our Uniques

As a toll miller, we can uniquely create any mix you desire in one of our state of the art plants, giving you an accurate consistent mix every time.


At a Glance

Deluxe Feeds is a private independent company. Gary Doppenberg began the company in 1972, and remains actively involved in the day-to-day operations. Deluxe Feeds has two primary feed locations at Sheldon and Ireton, Iowa.

The Sheldon site has multiple plants all newly constructed and state of the art. The swine/dairy plant constructed in 2005 contains two completely independent feed lines that manufacture both swine and dairy feed. The texturizing plant constructed in 2007 manufactures texturized calf feeds, and the flaking plant constructed in 2003 manufactures steam flaked soybeans and corn. The manufacturing is computerized and fully integrated with invoicing and billing. On any day you can log into your account and see exactly what has been manufactured, where it went, what the pricing was, etc.

The Ireton site has a fully remodeled swine feed mill and incorporates the same computerized manufacturing and billing system. Manufacturing capacity for swine feed (based on two shifts) exceeds 2000 tons per day, between both mills. We currently are running one shift at each site, and have capacity for expansion.

We have been a part of the livestock industry for several years. Feeding livestock ourselves aids us in understanding feed needs, and allow us to achieve greater results.We have updated our facilities, added unique products, and increased our ability to transport feed to a wide area in order to accommodate today’s rapidly changing livestock needs.

Products and Serivces Overview

Deluxe Feeds is an independent feed manufacturer, located in the heart of livestock and grain production. Over the past 30 plus years the industry has faced many changes of which have transformed us into what we are today. We hope you will find everything you need and more in our products and services.

We value our products and grain very highly, it is very important we have excellent quality ingredients. Deluxe is not a grain dealer. We do not ship any grain out — 100% of it is used for livestock feed. We pride ourselves on buying nearly all of our corn directly off the farm, and we do not accept poor quality corn, nor do we blend corn.

Deluxe operates with the attitude: “We have to earn your business every day, or we don’t deserve it”. We do not handcuff our customers into any kind of long term agreement.

While we feel we are very competitive and treat everyone fairly, if for some reason you are dissatisfied, you are not contractually obligated to stay with us. Again, we feel we need to earn your business every day.

Midwest EnRG Flakes, LLC

Midwest EnRG Flakes was started in 2003 as a steam flaking plant. This is a one-of-a-kind plant in the Midwest. This plant produces a true steam flaked product, not steam pressed. Midwest EnRG Flakes offer a variety of steam flaked corn and soybeans.

Steam Flaked Corn, comes in 3 different types:

  1. Dairy Flake Corn: This is a 28-32 pound flake used primarily in cow lactating diets.
  2. High Moisture Flake Corn: The exact same process of a dairy flake other than the drying after the flaking leaves this at a higher moisture product. This product works excellent in cattle feed lot diets.
  3. Textured Flake Corn: This is a 34-36 pound flake primarily used in calf and show feed diets.

The purpose of steam flaking is to enhance the starch availability found in the corn while also gaining by pass protein values associated with milk production. Typically you will gain a 15-20% average value enhancement to corn. For example if you feed 10 pounds of fine ground corn, you can feed 8-8 ½ pounds of steam flaked corn. Steam Flaked soybeans (EnRG Flakes ™) are produced using a patented process.

We do not use any solvents, nor do we extract anything from the raw soybean, leaving you with the full fat (20-22%) and crude protein (36-38%) of the raw soybean, and still carrying the soy hull (approx. 6.5% fiber). This steam process also enhances the bypass protein to 55-60% and has a digestability value greater than 95%. EnRG Flakes ™ are used in many ways.

For milk cow herds they can be used to replace cottonseed, roasted soybeans, and expelled soy meal products. Typical usage is between 4-6 pounds per cow per day. In calf feed diets they can be used as the primary source of crude protein. Along with the protein you also receive the fat for more digestible energy.

Take a look at these great products! These have many hidden values for your herd!

Custom Dairy Premix Blending

This facility was built in spring of 2006. This feed mill has a state of the art computer blending system that accurately matches your required blend to the nearest one-tenth of a pound. It produces a complete accountability printout showing what was delivered to your dairy.

We are a toll mill custom blender. You may use your nutritionist with your required program. We work with the VTM, your nutritionist, and add the rest, starting from a mineral mix that is fed at one pound per head inclusion, to a complete grain mix feeding up to 20 plus pounds per head inclusion.

This facility was designed specifically around the dairyman. Every dairy strives for perfection, and we are the location for you. Contact us for a tour and gives us a chance to bid your mix today.

Honest, Accurate, and Dependable

Texturized Calf Feed

This facility was built in spring of 2007, and also has the same state of the art computer blending system. This plant has the ability to blend wet molasses calf diets, and is able to mix high volumes of liquid molasses in these diets.

Our calf feed will be second to none when it comes to quality of blend. We have the ability to screen all products prior to mixing, giving us a very low volume of fines in the blend. From experience, we know that having the least amount of fines will give the highest consumption available, allowing you, the producer, to grow healthier calves with the best ADG available.

Whether you have your own mix or would like to use one of ours, we can provide the right calf feed for you.

22% down to 18% Bulked or Bagged Your choice, Your Way

Swine Feed Plants

There are two facilities which we mix hog feed in Sheldon and Ireton, Iowa. Sheldon is a completely new mill with state of the art computer system giving you immediate access to all of your feed records, contracts, ordering, and group reports. Ireton was completely remodeled in 2008 and has the exact same system as the Sheldon location so no matter which location your feed comes from computer access will give you all of your records from one system.

Deluxe has a very simple billing procedure. Your swine feed is billed at “cost-plus”. Our ingredients are priced at cost into our facilities. The corn is then rolled, mixed with other ingredients, and hauled to the country. For this we charge a flat fee per ton of complete feed. If the distance to the site exceeds 50 miles, there will be an additional charge, and if diesel exceeds $3.00 per gallon, there will be a fuel surcharge.

We offer a variety of feed options but are a custom toll miller.

Combine, Grow, Achieve

Grain Information

Deluxe Feeds grain department has a lot to offer. We pride ourselves in the quality of our corn, extremely competitive bids, simple contracting tools, and with our highly efficient dryer we are able to offer the lowest prices on grain drying around. We offer a variety of unique options including on farm pickup, excellent harvest storage options, and very convenient, easy to access grain handling locations.

Give us a call today to find out any of our unique programs, and let us EARN your valued business!

Ireton Feed Store

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Midwest EnRG Flakes

1500 RMT Avenue
Sheldon, IA 51201

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Sheldon Feed Mill

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